New York Street Pizza

The investors put Evil Olive Pizza to the test. Will it pass as New York Street Pizza, or be claimed as Common Street Pizza?

Besh: All right, so the New York test.

Taffer: When you fold a New York slice in half, you want it to hold its form.

This is too soft.

Spongy.Look at that.

- With anall-purpose dough alone...- You're not going to get it.'re only going to getso much gluten.

And that is going to give ita lot of texture.

There it is, John.

New York street pizza.

The tomato sauceis really salty.

I'm not anti-pizza grease,but this is too greasy.

It's low-quality cheese.

What happens isall the fats and proteins

- start to separate--- Derry: An oily mess.

--oily, greasy.You have a greasy pizza.

I think I'm donewith that one.

Here's the namesakeEvilOlivE pie.

Derry: Okay.

The EvilOlivE washis signature pizza.

Honestly,I really expected more.

It ain't nothin'to write home about.

That's --.

- Jason, come on over.- Cool.

What if I used the term"common street pizza."

'Cause the lookof this pizza,the approach of it,

is as common as it getsin New York.

I did want to bringback the nostalgicBrooklyn slice.

What the hellare you talking about?

I know it's not the bestin the world, but I knowit's not as bad

or as common asyou're making it out to be.

It's all over the city.

You're buyingcommon pepperoni,common cheese.

Having no real training,

I think I didthe best I could do.

You need to findhigh quality, period.

Figure out how toconcoct a pizza thatnobody else is doing.

Travis, come on overfor a minute.

You said to us you know how to do this

and you're greatat what you do.

Do you think thisis good product?

It's definitelya work in progress.

That's nota work in progress.

- That's a piece of --.- Okay.

He might not getthis investmentbecause of this.

You survived another day

because this isa really good location,

but you got to committo the quality

and the consistencyof the product.

We're going to come back here in a couple of days

and help bring this productto the next level.

This is not great pizza.

To invest, I want to see Jason

embrace quality,not convenience.