Bigger Than Patterson-Gimlin

  • Season 1
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Justin and Ro get thermal footage of what they believe is Bigfoot. Is there a check in their future?

(Justin)We just filmed something

on two legsthat looked very tall.

(Ro)It was about 50 yards away.

We got it ontwo different FLIRs,

two different angles.

Thermal video.

You could see thatthere was no clothes.

You could-- You could--You could see it plain as day.

(Ro)It was gone quick.

We moved into the areasoon as we had the chance.

Didn't find any other tracksor scat or hair.

We're gonnacontaminate this.

We can't find anythingin the dark.

But right nowmy heart's racing.

Yeah, I can't--I'm in a different world.

I mean, it's hardto put it into words.

(Justin)When you try, what seems like--

like my whole lifeto get footage,

something to show my dad,

something to show--

something to show my brother,

and something to show, you know,my daughter when she grows up--

and it's like,these things are real.

I mean, this is--this is very good footage.

You can see it very clearly.

It's-- It's, uh--pretty (bleep) exciting.

Where's my $10 million check?

This will probably bebigger than Patterson-Gimlin.

This is-- it's--it's intense.

Yeah, it's pretty intense.

All right,let's go get our money.