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Fox and Rabbit

Posted on: March 31, 2007 | Views: 140 | Comment

This clip from a 1973 film directed by Yuri Norstein is about a fox who moves into a rabbit's house and won't let anyone kick him out. Based on an old Russian fairy tale it was commissioned by a now defunct European television distributor who changed the music and effects. This version includes Norstein's original soundtrack, previously unavailable outside the former USSR. The animation is based on the folk art and colorful images (most of them are bordered) found on ancient Russian prialkas, which were used for carding wool. Like Battle at Kerzhenets and Norstein's first solo film, 25th -First Day, Fox and Rabbit was animated using levels of glass, a method that Norstein would hone to a high level of sophistication in his next films. The music written by a regular member of the Norstein team, M. Meyerovitch, was inspired by folk tunes. Norstein's wife, Francesca Yarbusova, was the main artist. According to Norstein this is a story about the destruction of belief, justice, honesty and fear which has "big eyes".

This film is 12 min. long and can be watched in its entirety on the Masters Of Russian Animation DVD set - an extraordinary collection of Russia's most important animated short films by Russia's world renowned directors.  

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