For Pete's Sake - Trailer

Posted on: June 30, 2005 | Views: 189 | Comment

Barbra Streisand stars as Henry, a spirited Brooklyn housewife, in this hysterical romantic comedy. Her husband, Pete (Michael Sarrazin), is a down-on-his-luck cabbie who happens upon an investment tip for pork-belly futures. With no money of their own, the young couple attempts to borrow from a variety of sources and finally gives up, frustrated and broke. But Henry is determined to make the investment, so he goes to a shady loan shark for the necessary funds while hiding the truth from Pete. When the investment doesn't go according to plan, Henry finds herself in a dangerous predicament as she struggles to keep her head above water and Pete in the dark. Henry's mischievous caper leads her from one wacky loan shark to another, including an elderly madame with a pretty bizarre clientele and a couple of bomb-toting mobsters as she gets closer and closer to danger and deeper and deeper into debt. Streisand shines with her usual unruly wit and quick tongue in this lighthearted and stylish farce that also features the wonderful Estelle Parsons as Henry's sassy and catty sister-in-law. 

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