Martin County FL Officer Makes A Crack Bust

Sgt. Bill Dowdy of the Martin County Sheriff's Office in Florida stops a car for an expired tag. A brief vehicle search turns up a crack pipe and other incriminating evidence.


a higher criminal that's out

at nighttime.

After about midnight, you have

people that are going to and

from late-night work, but

there's a lot of people that are

out here that are, uh, trying

take advantage of the darkness.

Um, criminals don't have set

schedules and it's easier to

come out here and blend in at

night than it is in the daytime.

And we're going to stop

this car here in front of us.

He has an expired tag.

(indistinct radio transmission)

(horn honking)

He's taking his sweet time.

>> (over radio): 400.

>> DOWDY: Norfolk and 76.

Bravo zero-one.

How you doing?

Driver's license

and vehicle registration.

>> I just got an I.D.

>> DOWDY: Yeah? What's wrong

with your driver's license?

>> Huh?

>> DOWDY: What's wrong with

your driver's license?

>> Well, it's suspended.

>> DOWDY: Yeah?

For littering?

>> Excuse me?

>> DOWDY: For littering?

>> No, I'm sorry.

>> DOWDY: Okay, you might want

to step that out.

>> I own the restaurant.

>> DOWDY: Yeah?

Do you have your vehicle


>> No, it's... I just bought the

car from a-a friend of mine.

Do you know Joe ...?

>> DOWDY: No, sir, I don't.

>> Yeah, he was... he used to

own DeLuccio's.

He was-- he was an ex-Martin

County sheriff.

>> DOWDY: Mm-hmm.

>> My-my mom picked up my

daughter today and, uh, she

wanted me to meet her halfway...

>> DOWDY: What's your license

suspended for?

You're not supposed to be

driving, but what's it

suspended for?

>> For speeding tickets.

>> DOWDY: All right.

Why is your tag expired?

>> Like I said, we just bought

the car and, uh, you know, we're

trying to get it registered.

It's been, uh, it's been crazy.

>> DOWDY: Okay.

Let me see whatever registration

you have.

You ever been arrested before?

>> Yeah, a long time ago.

>> DOWDY: For what?

>> Down here when I first got to

Florida for, uh, driving without

a license.

>> DOWDY: Okay, do me a favor.

Step out here for me real quick.

>> Sure.

>> DOWDY: I'm going to leave

this right here on your dash.

You have any guns

or knives on you?

>> No, no.

>> DOWDY: Turn around

for me real quick.

I want to pat you down.

Let me ask you: is there

anything in the vehicle

I should know about?

Guns, knives?

>> No, no drugs, nothing.

>> DOWDY: No drugs or anything?

>> No.

>> DOWDY: I'm going to take a

quick look.

If I find something you don't

tell me about, we're going to

have problems.

Do me a favor, hang out right

in front of my car.

I'm just checking this car out.

His license is suspended.

I see he's, uh, got pieces of

what looks like Chore Boy pads

all over his seat here.

They commonly use those in, uh,

crack pipes.

So, I want to see if he's got

anything else in here that he's

not telling us about.

Like a crack pipe.

(indistinct radio transmission)

>> (over radio): 10-98-01.

>> DOWDY: Let me ask

you a question.

You're saying that, uh,

there's nothing in the car.

>> No.

>> DOWDY: When was the last time

you used crack?

>> I don't use crack, sir.

>> DOWDY: How long

you had this car?

>> About two months.

It's been in my driveway.

>> DOWDY: Yeah?

>> Yeah.

>> DOWDY: Well, on the seat--

on the driver's seat-- there's

pieces of Chore Boy.

>> That's-- listen to me.

I have-- you could search me

down, there's no drugs.

I have nothing.

I have nothing on me

at all, sir.

>> DOWDY: Have you ever

used crack?

>> 15 years ago in New York.

I don't have anything.

I don't do that anymore.

>> DOWDY: Right next to the

driver's seat is a crack pipe.

>> Sir, that's not mine.

>> DOWDY: Who else would it be?

>> My wife and I been using it

to go back and forth to work.

>> DOWDY: Open your mouth.

Pick your tongue up.

Put your head down

and pick your tongue up.

>> Head down?

>> DOWDY: Head down, look

straight this way.

>> Okay.

>> DOWDY: Open your mouth, pick

your tongue up.

Move your lips.

Your gums-- move it like this.

All right.

Step forward again.

Do me a favor, just empty your

pockets on the hood there.

>> Sure.

>> DOWDY: Stay right there.

Don't go anywhere.

Bri, will you watch him

for just a minute?

He's got the beginnings of a

felony forest kicking in here.

Nice cold pizza.

Well, there's his crack.

He's got two pieces of crack

here on the seat.

Underneath this stuff.

Let me just see what he has

to say about it.


>> Yes, sir?

>> DOWDY: You used to smoke

coke, right?

Did you ever just leave your

rocks laying around or what?

>> That-- what is that?

That is not-- you test that...

>> DOWDY: I'm about to test it.

>> Go ahead.

>> DOWDY: I appreciate your


I'm going to do that.

You know what blue means, Vito?

>> No, sir.

>> DOWDY: Means it's positive

for cocaine.

Look blue to you?

>> Yeah, it looks blue to me.

>> DOWDY: So now what do you

got to say?

>> It's-it's not mine.

>> DOWDY: Okay, you bought the

car two months ago.

Somebody that uses cocaine is

not going to leave their cocaine

in a car that they're selling.

All right, that was your mother

that was in the car with you

earlier, so is that her cocaine?

>> No.

>> DOWDY: If it's not your

mother's, whose is it?

>> It's not mine, sir.

Like I says, I just bought

the car.

I own-- I own the restaurant.

I don't-- I don't-- I don't do

any of that.

>> DOWDY: Okay, we're not

talking about the restaurant.

>> Okay.

>> DOWDY: We're talking about

that cocaine being on the seat

of that car that you're driving

that you own that you said

your mother was sitting

in the passenger seat.

>> I didn't say my mother was

sitting in passenger...

>> DOWDY: You said your mother--

you dropped your mother off.

>> I had to meet my mom.

>> DOWDY: You took her-- you

dropped who off?

>> My daughter.

>> DOWDY: Your daughter.

Okay, well, maybe I

misunderstood you.

So is that your

daughter's cocaine?

>> No, my daughter's

six years old.

>> DOWDY: Well, if it's not your

six-year-old's, whose is it?

>> I have no idea, sir.

>> DOWDY: So somebody else just

goes and buys 'em and leaves 'em

in your car.

>> No, maybe they were there.

The car hasn't been cleaned in


It's sitting in my driveway...

>> DOWDY: As a former user,

you're telling me that you

wouldn't see that

and know what it is.

>> Me? That little piece?

(laughing): No, I would not.

>> DOWDY: The only thing that

was on your seats is when I

dumped them out was your

cigarette packs.

>> Yeah, so?

>> DOWDY: So, turn around, put

your hands behind your back.

You're under arrest for

possession of cocaine.

You could tell me whatever you

want to tell me, but the coke's

in your car.

You're a former addict.

You can't tell me you didn't

know it was there.

I'm not going to believe that.

If you think a jury of your

peers is going to believe that,

we'll see each other in court

and see how it works out.