'The Hot Tub Was… Misplaced'

  • Season 1
  • Aired 04/27/2014

Once Jeff is back to the sting house, they confront him about his awful work. It doesn't sit right with Adam & Skip that he took the money and ran. When asked about the $5,000 hot tub, he claims to have "misplaced" it.

- What's going on here?- This is Skip.

Well, it's a littleintervention, you mightwanna call it.

Remember these people?Chris and Damian?

We're here to talk to youabout the job you didfor these two.

Look familiar to you?

Yeah, but you tooktheir money and left themwith a pile of bull --.

I mean, you didn'tfinish any of this work,it was all done unsafe.

- What the hellwent wrong here?- Nothing went wrong there.

Aww, man.I feel like there'sa lot that went wrong.

I work on a budget,I do the work that Iget paid for.

They were paid in full, so...

They didn't havethe money to finish it, so,uh... I did what I could on it.

You took their money.You signed the contract.

Show me one thingthat's finished.

I don't have timeto go back and do thingsthat I don't get paid for.

- You gave them a price.- Right.

The price was to completethe job for $13,000.

You can't just leavewhen the money runs out.

$5,000 wasallocated for a hot tub.Where's the hot tub?


I can tell you one placeit's not. It's not here.

Well, uh...

the hot tub is, uh...


So in other words,you stole it from us.

There goes that story.So where did the rest ofthe money go, man?

- What do you expect me to do?- I expect you to do yourjob right.

I expect them to getwhat they paid for.

Tell us about this.What was your idea with this?

- ( laughing )- You gotta be kiddingme, dude.

Listen, listen, man.First thing is...

this stuff is what theyuse to hold up stop signs.

That's 16-gaugegalvanized steel right there.

That's not going anywhere,that's heavy-duty.

You gotthe duty part right.

How the hell do yousleep good at night doingwork like that?

He drinks a fifthof Jagermeister.

It's just a mess, dude.

Jeff, what about just...humanity?

The fact that you tookall their moneyand now this?

Just... no compassion,no humanity?

Wow. Listen, I don't know--

What the hellkind of professional is that?

You built itand you charged themmoney for it.

So it is your problem,and it's not done, dude.

This business is aboutdoing the right thing by people.

It's not about -- people over.

And you're the reasonwhy people think that we'reall criminals.

- We're out there tryingto do the right thing.- I did the right thing.

Really? You mean totell me this is what you'regonna have at your house?

- Yes.- Are you going to boltthis up to your mom's house?

- I don't think so.- Yeah. I would. I would.

You're gonna tell methat's safe? It's legal?

The job is done.End of story.

It's not done until youget your ass back thereand you make it right.

That's the only timeit's gonna be done.