The Artiste, The Chef and The Mapmaker

  • Season 1
  • Aired 02/07/2014

During the mapping field test, Dr. Disotell is impressed by Kirsten and Shaney's attention to detail, but Stacy and Dave think they have it in the bag.

Our map lookspretty good so far.

My inner artist |is coming out.


For this field test, not onlyare we water rafting,

but we have to makea detailed survey

showingwhere Bigfoot may be.

We're gonnacome out on top.

Kirsten, they are close.


Come on, we wantto be first.

Okay, let's go.


Holy (bleep)!


That's whatI like to see.

Hey, ladies.

Let's see your maps.Let's see your maps.

Ah, a legend.

(Shaney)We did a legend.

I'm not sure ifanyone else did that.

We rocked it.

We definitelykicked some ass,

take some namestoday, buddy.

Let's seewhat you've done.

Do you thinka Sasquatch could live

in an environmentlike this?

Oh, not only coulda Sasquatch live here,

but I could survive here

and feed all you guysat the same time.

I could feed Kat.

I could feed a wholebunch of people here!

You make it soundlike I eat a lot.

All the other teamsmust be done at this point

because I don't seenobody down the river.

We don't have tobeat them, bro.No.

We just havethe most detailed map.

Dude, look at that(bleep) map, man.

Running out of roomon this (bleep).

All right, here we go.


Did you seeany sign of Bigfoot?

We found huge,uh, footprints.


I'll be shocked if welose this one

because thatis straight detail.

We have everythingdown on there.