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Hot Chocolate - Flame Board

Posted on: November 17, 2004 | Views: 106 | Comment

A fireworks fight and a board on fire!

Hot Chocolate is a documentary that chronicles the 2003 Chocolate demo tour. The video showcases the talents of new additions Marc Johnson, Justin Eldridge and Chris Roberts as well as day-oners like Chico Brenes and Daniel Castillo. Interviews and voice-overs give insight into the team's personality and life on the road. Directed by Ty Evans, Spike Jonze and Cory Weincheque (Spike Jonze directs the interludes as always). Special features include: Girl High Fives on the I-5 tour, slideshow, and an emotional opening with a tribute to the Late Keenan Milton.

Starring: Kenny Anderson, Chico Brenes, Daniel Castillo, Justin Eldridge, Gino Iannucci, Marc Johnson, Scott Johnston, Keenan Milton, Richard Mulder, Chris Roberts and Mike York. Produced by Chocolate Skateboards.

Purchase the DVD from Just Push Play.

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