Dolls - Theatrical Trailer

Posted on: February 17, 2005 | Views: 14 | Comment

Three tales of love and loss are intertwined in this deep meditation on the nature of romantic relationships.

In the first story, a businessman with a bright future turns his back on his career when the love of his life attempts suicide, but ends up only causing herself irreparable brain damage. Tying himself to his lover with a red silk rope, he becomes her lifelong caregiver, forging an unbreakable emotional bond between them.

Then, a lonely, elderly mob boss living a life of seclusion out of fear of being assassinated reminisces about his happier days with an old girlfriend he was forced to abandon. Seeking out his former lover, the gangster has a second chance at happiness if only his enemies don't find out he's emerged from hiding.

In the third story, a famous singer is horribly disfigured in a car accident and refuses anyone to see her face ever again. However, her biggest fan goes to extreme lengths to be with his idol. 

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