Investment Analysis: Which Burger Is Best?

The three Hungry Investors sit and debate about whether to invest in Outlaws or Hawkin's House of Burgers. Chef Besh champions Hawkin's for their family staff and potential, while Chef Derry and Jon Taffer lean towards Outlaws.

I feel more comfortablewith Hawkins.

I lean towards Outlaws'cause I can double

the capacity of that restaurantfor under 20 grand.

That has to be consideredwhen we double those seats.

You get a lot for your moneyif you double seats

and you figure outhow to cost a burger

and you figure outhow to cook them consistently.

- There's a lot of issues here.- That's our job, isn't it?

- Hey.- Didn't you fixthe production in Hawkins?

Three minutes.Now we're cooking. Ten burgers.

- Of course we did.- I could send you in

- and fix the productionin Outlaws just as easily.- No, you couldn't.

- You're the master.- But there's a lot morethan production issues.

Erik just doesn't havea lot of business sense.

His solutionto the burger was,

"Oh, I'll chargemore money for it."

- It's already a $10 burger.- I hear you.

That's what gives meproblems.

Erik's not cateringto his community.

From the beginning,"I don't wanna change it,I don't wanna change it."

This is the burger.

Why in the hell wouldyou wanna change that?

Because she's allergicto mushrooms.

Then she doesn't eatthe -- thing.She eats something else.

Erik lost his cool onceand was calm

- the rest of the timeyou were there.- He was.

- He didn't throw stuff.- This is a special!

Talk to me!Gimme the next order!

She's just--it bothers me

when a personhas to be told to clean up.


Jon: This whole place is coated in grease.

That's pretty disgusting.

And that wasn't a little dirty.That was disgusting.

The outside of the buildingwas disgusting.

It looks like a dictionaryvomited on this building.

Both of y'allare so right about this.

'Cause Erik's got his -- locked up.

Bull -- .