This Tacky Bar Is A Health Hazard

While Taffer and his crew run recon at the Tailgate in Santa Clarita, CA, they observe many bar faux pas. From tacky dollar bills on the walls to raw chicken contamination, this bar is in serious need of a rescue.

So Bouquet Canyon Road,which is that majorroad there--

42,000 cars a day.

- Think about that.- Wow.

Jon: You want a national franchise, you only need 20,000 a day.

That's a great street.

Look at that sign.

The sign on the side of the building there is out.

So when you're driving past,all you see is "The."

- The what?- ( car horns blaring )

The windows areall boarded up.

Jon: Almost like you don't want people looking inside.

So let's watch a little bit.

Let's see what's going on in the inside of the bar.

Narrator: Jon, Phil, and Brendan observe The Tailgate,

an 1,800-square-foot space

with two speed wells, no P.O.S. system,

and a kitchen in the back.

Look at this.Look at the dollarbills everywhere.

You know how tacky that is?

Narrator: In addition to the cameras following the staff,

Jon has placed surveillance cameras around the bar

to capture the action and watch it live.

Jon: Almost everybody who works here

is connectedto the family somehow.

There's Pops.He's our manager.

He's the only onein the whole family

that actuallyhas experience.

- There's Mike.He's a co-owner.- Mm-hmm.

- It's my turn?- Jon: And there's Diane.

She's Mike's sister and she's a co-owner.

Hoot! Hoot!


( sighs )

Jon: Chef. Is that money on the cutting board?

How many fingershave been touching those notes?

- It's unbelievable. - ( laughs )

I guess they'regetting their cut, huh?

Look at it. You can see there's food residue on there.

There's blood right there.

Normally, I'm worriedabout eating the food in a bar.

Here I'm worriedabout taking the money.

- So there's Robert,our cook, Brendan.- Yeah.

So he's a godbrother to the Millers.

Part of thatextended family.

Oh! What the...?

He's cutting the lemons on the same board she cut the money on.

Straight in.No messing about.

Jon: So imagine cutting up lemons,

wrapping themin money like that,

gettin' the dirtfrom the money all over them,

and then putting them ina garnish tray and droppingthem on a drink.

- Oh, jeez!- Brendan: That's exactly what he's doing.


Jon: Look at this. Raw chicken.

On the same cutting board.


Now he's got the raw juiceall over the handleof the fryer.

This guy isa health hazardand a half.