Building an Elk

  • Season 1
  • Aired 01/31/2014

Tensions erupt between Stacy and Michael during what should have been a laid back lunch.

(Shaney)We finished the field test,

and we've kind of beensecluded from people

and things for a while,

so we're kind of excitedto go have a couple of drinks

and get some food.

I will say that was,uh, coolest task.

(Ro)Coolest adventure yet.

(Michael)Aw, I loved the caves.

We stood at the lip going,

"Are you sure this isthe easy way in?"

The rocks threw me for a loopbecause they were really loose

in a lot of spots.

(Michael)I'm here to go out

and find Bigfoot,and that's what I'm gonna do.

Stacy and Dave,they're tough competition.

I don't mindbeing friends with them

if they want to be friends,but that's not why I'm here.

(Shaney)These are good ribs.

I wish I would havefound this many bones.

(group chuckling)

(Michael)Stacy is very paranoid,

and if I can feed intohis paranoia

and make him more paranoid,

that will bean advantage to us.

I mean, are youspreading lies about me?

I don't have to (bleep) lieabout you, bro.

Everybodyhates your ass here.

I'm not helping youanymore because you--

I don't needyour (bleep) help

if you haven't noticedit so far!

You're a old man.

You can't make it out therein them woods.

You talk a good game.

(Michael)I'm 50 years old.

But I do what they do,barefoot.

I'll run circles around them.

You talk a good game.

That's all you gotgoing for you.

At least we're nottaking trees

that just fall overin the woods

and trying to pitch itthat Sasquatch pushed it over.

That's theory,that Sasquatch do that.

You seriously think Sasquatchpushed that tree over?

Yeah, I do.

Well, you don't knowwhat the (bleep) you're doing.

By the time you go home,

you're gonna havea (bleep) elk museum, all right?

You bring in elk bonesall the mother (bleep) time.

(Dan)I'm glad they brought upthe fact he's building an elk.

You know, it's not just us,thank God.

(Dave)I've been waiting

for somebody elseto say something.

We're tiredof Michael's crap.

Are you a doctor,Michael?

What has thatgot to do with anything?

No, I'm just asking.

I mean, I'm not sureif you're a PhD guy or what.

No, I don't have a PhD,but what would that have to do--

No, that's a good answer.

I didn't think so.

Are you a lawyer or what?

'Cause you're notdoing anything.

We are finding stuff.Way more than you.

Okay, that's fine,well, then maybe you'll win.

Guess who's going home.

You're going home.Okay.

This week,that's my prediction.

Let's seeif you're a prophet.

I'm gonna say it right here,right now, Mike is gone.

(Dave)You know, his bull (bleep)ain't passing no more,

he's notbringing anything in,

and he needsto be called on it.

When this is over,there'll be on team standing.

I ain'tsitting here listening

to this guidance counselor(bleep).

Hey, I'm turningmy back now, Mike.

You can talk (bleep) about mewhile I'm gone.

I'll talk itright to your face, Stacy.

(Michael)There's another aspect

to this that's psychological,

and my psychological senseright now is nice and calm.

And the people that are upsetare out there.

(Shaney)That conversationtook a hard right.