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Found Art #1 "Sarah Hughes"

Posted on: April 24, 2002 | Views: 222 | Comment

Sarah's history-making performance takes on an almost mythical quality when combined with the music of "Princess Leia's Theme" (from Star Wars). Neither the music nor the performance was edited, yet we were able to achieve the perfect synergy of sight and sound through one of those magical moments that doesn't show up in life very often. For a brief four-and-a-half minutes, we got see a young, innocent girl fulfill a lifetime of hopes and dreams, all culminating in an astonishing finale that literally takes your breath away. We couldn't have planned this if we wanted to. Her skating, the camera work, the editing -- they're all combined so accurately and seamlessly with the music of John Williams, it's as if she actually skated to this music at her gold medal performance in Salt Lake CVty that day. Yet this wist on her performance culminates in a surreal experience like no other you've seen. 

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