Good & Evil - Opening Montage

Posted on: December 14, 2004 | Views: 0 | Comment

Toy Machine's 5th full length skate video is an introduction to the newest era of Toy Machine, the time of good and evil...

The good and the bad things in life come together in video form -- packaged into a shiny box under the all encompassing tentacles of the Toy Machine Bloodsucking skateboard company. Enter into a chunk of the lives of: Ed Templeton, Billy Marks, Diego the Butcher, Austin Stephens, Josh Harmony, Johnny Layton and super secret Toy rider Matt Bennett, and watch them destroy everything from huge sets of stairs in Barcelona to So Cal flip to rail wizardry in Good vs. Evil.

Filmed by Josh Harmony.
Edited By Josh Harmony and Ed Templeton.

DVD includes over 25 Bonus features and 6 photo galleries.

Visit the Toy Machine site, and purchase the DVD from Just Push Play

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