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Tristan & Nic Vol. III - Slams

Posted on: September 16, 2005 | Views: 44 | Comment

Seven years old with no fear for the half-pipe, the pool, or the skate park. But even Tristan and Nic slam every so often. Here's a reel of them taking some lumps.

Tritan and Nic are 7 years old and have been skateboarding since December 2003. They both compete in CASL (California Amateur Skateboard League). In their very first CASL competition, at age 6, in May 2004, Tristan took 1st and Best Trick and Nic placed 2nd in the 8 & Under division. In August, the were bumped up to the 10 & Under Sponsored division.In July 2004, Nic won Gold and Tristan Silver at the California State Games in San Diego, still at age 6.They are sponsored by Dregs Skateboards, ONEWEST Clothing, Utopia Optics, Kronik Energy Drinks, Khiro Skateboard Products, Anex Trucks, Sk8Nuts and Surf & Skate. They are also flowed by Globe Shoes and S-One Helmets. 

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