Welcome To Castaways

  • Season 1
  • Aired 01/18/2014

Bryan and Jason check out a new thrift shop where they give store owner Laurie feedback in exchange for a promising thrifting adventure.

ey, guys. WelcomeH to Castaways.

ood. How are ya? G

And, hey, I'veseen you before.

Yeah. I've been in herea couple of times.

You know we're fairly new

so we're still kindatweaking things

but we've gota lot of great stuff.

So make yourselvescomfortable and shop away.


All right.


Hey, check out this awesomelyugly Christmas sweater.

ryan: Are those dogs or sheep?B

h, they're sheep.O

ix bucks.S

I think you can get maybe 40 bucks for that.

h, absolutely, yeah.O

ause ugly sells andC hat's pretty awesome.t

Castaways is laid outa little differently

than most thrift stores.

It looks more like a boutique than a thrift store.

Jason: Yeah.

Although it looks nice,the layout is really poor.

like the t-shirts but how canI you go through them like this?

This is the worst wayever to display t-shirts.

olded up, stacked, twoF ows deep on the shelves.r

Really annoying.

Here, you put them back.

Yeah, OK.

I would have gonethrough it much quicker

if they'd been on a real rack.

Hey, did you notice?

They're the wrongracks here.Oh, yeah.

So if you want this purse,you have to move all these.

They need the ones withthe hangies underneath.

That's a pain.



Oh, geez.

Everything's toolow in this part.


It's a lot of bendingdown to get to those mugs.

Jason: The problem is I have to sit on the ground

to look at them all.

Hey, look. I'm on TV.


It's a lot of work tocome up with these mugs,

but I think it's worth it.I've got almost a dozen.

Jason: There's tons of great whiskey glasses in here.

I need a box for all these.

A whole room of toys.

And no children.

Bryan: Oh, this is nice.

I usually shy away frompuzzles that are opened.

This one is really a coollooking musical score.

Yeah, I'll buy it.

It's only two bucks.

Yeah.Isn't that kinda cool?

Kinda like it's old and stitched together.

This is a hot metal Model Tpick-up; brand new sealed.

That's cool, too.

You guys all set?

As we're checking out,

I thought I'd give Lauriesome tips and advice.

Our three biggest concernsfor you are: your t-shirts;

if you can, get them on racks.

It'll be easierto shop.

Coffee mugs. K. What next?O

Bryan: They should be easier so you can see them.

ike mid-way. OK.L

And move them about.

And then the last one is your purses.

m hm. I needM he hook things.t

You need thehook things.

I know. I'm having ahard time with that.

We have a warehouse, like,full of all this stuff and--

You have a warehouse?

We do. We have a warehouse wherewe go through all our items.

It's not open to thepublic or anything

but I have a ton of stuff.

And it's where we kindof sort, recycle stuff

and stuff that we wantto keep for the store.

I'm thinking there's someuntapped gold in there.

Is it nearby?

t is. It's about tenI inutes from here.m

I am excited.

You think we couldtake a run over there?

t is not openI o the public.t

I'd be more than happy for Jason and I to give Laurie

some tips at the warehouseabout what she should sell.

And while I'm there,I'll also be looking.

Cause I'd be like, "Hey,Laurie. I helped you out;

sweet deal on the stuff?"

Bryan: That could be a real win-win for everybody.

Jason: Absolutely.