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Cops O: Love Gone Bad
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Jail: Las Vegas
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411VM Skateboarding - Issue 62 - Openers and Intro with Louie Barletta

Posted on: August 30, 2004 | Views: 61 | Comment

It's the greatest road trip of all time: through North America, Asia, Russia, Japan, Australia and Jamaica in 24 flights and 30 days. It's the greatest road trip of all time! Tilt Mode spokesman Louie Barletta hosts this issue. Check out his acting and modeling skills in the Contents, 411VM's latest ads and more.

On this trip: Daewon Song, Mike Taylor, Brandon Biebel, Kenny Reed, Rob Gonzalez, Jerry Hsu, Justin Strubing, Kenny Hughes, Richard Mulder, Chad Tim Tim, Danny Montoya, Scott Johnston, Donny Barley and Stefan Janoski tour through North America, Asia, Russia, Japan, Australia and Jamaica.
The trip kicks off in the USA with the DVS and Matix teams. Satori heads to the Caribbean for "Jamaican Me Crazy!" Kenny Hughes, Justin Strubing and more return "From Russia With Love."
Next stop is the "Asian Invasion," featuring Kenny Reed, Louie Barletta, Rob Gonzalez and Jerry Hsu. This crew took an amazing tour of nine countries with 24 flights in only 30 days!
Stussy dresses up to get down in Japan while Quiksilver gets up down under in Australia. Donny Barley left 411VM a little present from his trip--log on to www.411VM.com and enter to win his board! And in First Step Trick Tips Colt Cannon lays down the technique for Frontside Nosegrinds.  

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