Ripping Out A Dangerous Balcony

  • Season 1
  • Aired 04/27/2014

Adam & Skip give contractor Jeff the business while they rip out the hazardous balcony that he installed. It was completely against code and could have cost somebody their life.

You ready to work?

- I hope you broughtyour tools, man.- I did.

Adam: Well, look at this. Is this 3/8?

Not even willingto step up to 1/2 inch.

In the name ofsafety and humanity, Jeff.

Imagine every morningwaking up.( groans )

It's gonna be aglorious day-- ah, --!

Look what Jeff did.( cries )

This should have beenscored with a utility knife,

popped off, could've put yourplate behind it,

relieved it witha router, and then setit back on.

That's the waya professionalwould've done it.

Wait a minute.A professional would'venever done that.

Skip: You guys ready?

( crash )

I know I gave you a lotof grief for this balcony.

The way it lookedand all...

but from this angle,it still looks like --.