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Thirst is a dry comedy about addiction in the family.

Patrick is a young man in his twenties, living at home with his aging mother and vague recollections of his father. Patrick's father's death, when Patrick was quite young, is a taboo subject that is not discussed, but weighs on Patrick heavily.

Patrick's only friend, Stan, becomes concerned about Patrick's well- being. After Stan speaks to Patrick's mother and extended family, they decide to intervene on Patrick's behalf.

The intervention culminates with Patrick being locked in his room and deprived of water.

Patrick struggles to understand his situation and explore addiction in the family... and the characteristics of Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOAs). Though most audience members have never experienced addiction to a substance, everyone knows what it is like to be thirsty. In this way, the audience may more directly relate to the plight of the addict and make sense of the relative necessity of his actions. 

family • addiction • thirst • intervention • alcoholic • comedy • drowning