Wannabe Rocker Can't Run His Bar

Rudy, the owner of Win, Place or Show in Fairfield, Ohio, is more concerned with his rock band than turning a profit in his bar.

The next owner on my listwas more interested

in cultivating his band,the Cincinnati Sinners,than his business.

Who wants to hear meplay the -- guitar, baby?Come on!

That's why Rudyof Win Place or Showin Fairfield, Ohio,

is the ninth worst owner on my countdown.

It's crazy in here!I mean, -- is busy!

Man: We've got one manager running around.

I don't know what the hellthe other one's doing.

We're still writingfor our new CD andstuff like that.

- Patron: You good?- Yeah.

Thanks for coming.They'll get rightwith you, though.

Who workedSaturday night?

Good job, guys.

You gave away$600 worth of liquor.

On Saturday night,it was Rudy's bandplaying here,

and we're toldto get a shot

and take it up thereand don't worry about it.

That's not completely100% true, Courtney.

- Here's yourdouble shot, boss.- Thank you.

- You're welcome.- I think you live in somefantasy rock-star dream.

That's total -- bull--.

You gotta keep this guythe hell out of this bar,

'cause he'sthe kiss of death.

This guy was rude,rowdy,

and such a disaster,we removed him from the baraltogether.

- What do you needto be bought out?- Ten grand.

- I'm out.- Walk into the sunset, bro.

Cincinnati Sinners,rock and roll.

Let's all do a shot,and let's have a party.