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Eating Las Vegas

Posted on: June 6, 2001 | Views: 2,082 | Comment

A hilarious take on the Academy Award-winning Leaving Las Vegas that substitutes overeating for alcoholism.

Fatty fried chicken replaces Chivas, burgers triumph over beer in this sidesplitting spoof that follows the gluttonous Bruce and his unlikely match, Sheila, a bulimic prostitute. Get ready for amusing cameos from Dean Cain, Andy Dick and Ray Barry, as well as from actor Xander Berkeley, who reprises his cabdriver role from the original film.

Although this was the first film collaboration for writer-director Art Brown and producer Terry Gatens, the two have been best friends since 1987 when they met in London while on a semester-abroad program. Both filmmakers got their start as actors but have since moved behind the scenes. They've penned several films individually, including Brown's Disorderly Conduct and Gaten's upcoming Faded Glory, before deciding to team up to spoof Leaving Las Vegas. "That movie - as good as it was - cried out to be made fun of," says Brown. "It was such an easy fit... to switch booze for food." 

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