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Cops O: Love Gone Bad
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Jail: Las Vegas
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Story Of One Crime

Posted on: March 16, 2007 | Views: 552 | Comment

This clip is the first sequence of the story about an Everyman who one morning suddenly leaps out on the courtyard and bludgeons two conversing housewives to death with a frying pan. The following sequence illuminates motives behind the crime. As a perceptive police inspector tells us, the act was a consequence of 24 hours of misery and accumulated frustration that resulted from moving into a pre-fab Soviet apartment block, the kind accompanied by countless brave-new-world-hailing slogans. Unfortunately, these blocks come complete with neighbours holding 24-hour parties, lovelorn teenagers banging messages to each other through the radiators, people dumping broken crockery down the rubbish chute - anything, in short, that might stand a chance of preventing poor Vasily from getting any sleep at all. Not surprisingly, the housewives' screeching conversation the first thing the next morning is the last straw.
1962 marked the directorial debut of Fyodor Khitruk, the distinguished animator of some of the greatest animation ever produced in Russia. One of the first animated films made by Soyuzmultfilm for adults.

This film is from the Masters Of Russian Animation DVD set - an extraordinary collection of Russia's most important animated short films by Russia's world renowned directors.  

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