'My Life Was In Jeopardy!'

  • Season 1
  • Aired 04/27/2014

Kathy and her family air out their differences with contractor Randall. They tell him how much of a burden he has been, then Randall apologizes.

You screwed me.You totally screwed me.

I hired you to do a job.

And you didn't do it.

You were going to installthe floor around the fireplace.

What has thatgot to do with any of this?

If you woulda put the floor in,it would've caught fire.

My life was in jeopardy.

I wasn't aware of thataround that particularkind of fireplace.

Any fireplace, you've seenthere's always a hearth, right?

- You're right.- Okay.

Is that whatyou want to hear?

I think these guysare owed an explanation.

I just hada lot of problems.

You were havingpersonal problems.

So was I,and, believe me,

you couldn't even imagine

what I've gone through.

I can't even put into words

how difficult this has beenfor all of us.

I don't know how you expectanyone to live like this.

There were timeswhen I needed to takesome time off of work

'cause my -- dadpassed away, okay?

But I had to suck it upand I went to work anyway.

Last year was probablythe worst year of my life.

You made it worse.

You made it a million times worse for me.

What did you dowith my money?

Adam: Randy apologizes, but no explanation.

We know the explanation--he got the money,

he's lazy, he's greedy,and he's unscrupulous.

And now he can let his hammerdo his talking

by helping us demo outthe kitchen.

Well, let's getsome work done.