Rancho Cucamonga PD Chase A Drunken Motorcyclist

Deputy Jeremy Dean of RCPD pursues a red motorcycle after some reckless and erratic behavior. It turns out he's drunk and eventually crashes. One more dangerous driver off the streets.

to come to work in the city of

Rancho Cucamonga.

It's a big city, has all

different types of crime.

The command staff's great.

The people that work

at the station are really good.

Everyone works as a team,

and there's a lot of opportunity

at the station,

special assignments,

and, uh... there's a lot of

resources here at Rancho.

Up ahead in front of us, we just

had a red motorcycle go around

two cars that were stopped

at the red light.

He went into oncoming traffic

and went westbound.

We're gonna see if we can

attempt to catch up to him.

We are in pursuit of a red

motorcycle, westbound Arrow

approaching Grove.

(siren blaring)

There he goes.

>> DISPATCHER (over radio):

Code 30.

>> DEAN: Plate's gonna be Cal,

personalized. Edward.


>> DEAN: Ida, Ocean, Nora.

He just...


Put your hands behind your back!

Let's see your hands!

Let's see your hands!

>> DEAN: Met 14. Roll Meds.

Met 14, we have the subject


You can roll Meds to Arrow

and Grove, and we need another

unit to shut down traffic.

We're in the middle

of the street.

>> DEAN: Pull his gloves off.

>> BONNET: Okay.

Is he out?

Is he out?

>> DEAN: He's awake.

>> BONNET: Is he? You awake?

>> DEAN: Get those back...

(suspect moans)

>> BONNET: Oh, he's drunk.

You can actually smell

the alcohol.

>> I'm awake.

>> BONNET: Okay, stop.

>> BONNET: Here.

Are you injured?

>> I'm awake. I'm awake.

>> BONNET: Are you injured?

>> No.

>> BONNET: What are you

running for?

(siren blaring)

>> DEAN: Watch out.

>> BONNET: You on probation

or anything?

>> No.

>> BONNET: No?

Are you injured at all?

>> No.

>> No, I'm fine.

Physically, I'm fine.

>> DEAN: What's your name?

>> David ...

>> BONNET: Why'd you run, man?

What are you doing?

Why would you do that?

>> I didn't realize

I was running.

>> BONNET: You ran

two red lights.

You passed three cars here

trying to get away from us.

We had our lights and siren on

for over a mile, and then you

ran this red lock. Red light.

And you crashed

as a result of it.


>> DEAN: How much have you

had to drink tonight?

>> Probably quite a bit.

>> DEAN: Quite a bit?

We, uh, smell it on you.

>> BONNET: We're at Baker and

Arrow, stopped at the red light

behind two cars.

The bike's here.

He goes around all the cars

and blows a red light,


We go straight out,

lights and siren.

He's right in front of us.

Takes off. Gasses it.

Goes around three cars

in opposite lane of traffic,

comes up here, slows down for

the dip, red light, facing,

facing another red light.

Makes the turn, loses it from

underneath, crashes,

and that's where he's at.

Reeks of booze.

>> DEAN: How long you been

riding the motorcycle?

Consider yourself a good rider?

>> I do, but irresponsible.

>> DEAN: Why is that?

'Cause you've been drinking?

>> Yeah.

I shoulda known better.

Just let me say...

>> BONNET: Is that

your bike, man?

>> Yes, sir.

>> BONNET: It's a nice bike.

Aprilia is a nice bike.

>> Actually...

It's actually a good thing you

guys actually do what you did.

>> BONNET: Yeah, w-what got,

what got into you?

I mean, we saw you at the light

right there.

You went around the car,

ran the red.

>> That wasn't the intention.

It was just...

>> BONNET: I mean, what were

you thinking?

Y-You're lucky to be standing

here right now, you know that?

All it would have taken was

a wrong turn, and you would

have been killed.

>> That wasn't the intention.

>> BONNET: Yeah.

>> It was just...

>> BONNET: Was it just...

I mean, is it the alcohol

driving or what?

I mean, what was it?

I don't understand.

We're just glad you didn't kill

yourself or anybody else.

>> I appreciate

that you're here.

>> DEAN: Are you hurt at all?

You're good?

You were only going about two

or three miles an hour

when you crashed.

>> I'm all right. I'm all right.


Where you coming from tonight?

>> Rancho Cucamonga area.

>> RAYENHARTZ: You know what

city you're in right now?

>> No, sir.


You know what time it is?

>> About 10:30, maybe.

>> RAYENHARTZ: How much alcohol

have you had to drink tonight?

>> Probably about five beers.

>> RAYENHARTZ: Five beers?


Brad, you got his ID?

>> BONNET: Yeah.

>> RAYENHARTZ: Over the course

of how much? What time?

What time'd you start drinking?

>> 6:45 p.m.

>> RAYENHARTZ: Okay. We're gonna

do a preliminary alcohol

screening test on you.

Let's get you to stand up.

You understand, it's

not a required test.


You understand that?

>> Yes, sir.


All you gotta do is set

your lips on here,

take a deep breath and blow.

I'll tell you when to start.

I'll tell you when to stop.

Deep breath.

>> Yes, sir.

>> RAYENHARTZ: Seal. Blow.

(suspect blowing)


You want to sit back down

so you don't fall?

>> Of course.

Thank you.

Yeah. If... if I oblige,


It's embarrassing

right off the bat, but...

>> RAYENHARTZ: Just be glad you

didn't kill yourself.

>> Ehh...

In the intersection I'd have

been taking more, but...

>> RAYENHARTZ: What's that say

right there?

>> You guys are very efficient.

A really high amount.

>> RAYENHARTZ: What's that say?

>> .219.


You're about two and a half

times the legal limit.


You're under arrest for

operating a motor vehicle

under the influence of alcohol.

Go and stand up.

Whose cuffs, you got 'em?

You want to switch 'em out?

>> DEAN: That's okay.

>> RAYENHARTZ: Well, let's

get him going.

>> Thanks, guys.

'Cause, actually...

>> RAYENHARTZ: Would you set

back in the car?

>> DEAN: Saved your life, man.

>> It was a learning lesson.


>> RAYENHARTZ: Three violations.

Red light one, two vehicles

unsafe passing, unsafe speed

and red light here.

>> BONNET: I'm glad he slowed

down to take that turn.