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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)
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Armageddon (1998)
Gladiator (2000)


Posted on: October 3, 2002 | Views: 0 | Comment

Local rapper Lil-Tak-It-EZ (take it easy) has a problem on his hands. Stars are a dime a dozen in the City of Angels but across the way in the neighboring city of Inglewood, dusty banners still proclaiming this town to be the ''City of Champions'' hang wearily from street lamps and from the sides of office buildings. Is this a major ongoing case of denial? After all, the National Basketball Association's World Champion Lakers officially relocated from Inglewood to a new location a few years ago!

As the legend goes, a mysterious billionaire surfaces in Inglewood. He links up with some rich LA denizens. A plan is formulated. Together, they pull a number on Inglewood and jack the pride and joy of millions away to a new location. The new location is downtown Los Angeles - in a fancy building called the Staples Center. Shortly thereafter, the Forum (AKA the former home of the World Champion Lakers) is then transformed into a bible thumping church. A number of local hoods who depend on a few unsuspecting Lakers fans for their livelihood, have had a career change forced upon them. Damn!

Increasingly worried by the fact that his favorite city is fast becoming a shadow of it's glorious past, Inglewood native - Lil-Tak-It-EZ decides to take matters into his own hands after he experiences a divinely inspired dream. It will take a special and different kind of star, to help the City of Inglewood firmly regain her luster. And this special star is none other than the one and only King of all media!

Has the King of all media ''gone'' hip hop on us? Is he really moving to Inglewood? Find out for yourself. 

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