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The Clash: Rude Boy - What Can I Do?

Posted on: April 5, 2004 | Views: 176 | Comment

The Clash perform while chaos goes on backstage.

Britain's 1980 entry for the Berlin Film festival is part drama, part documentary and part concert film. While Britain suffers from an economic decline, fascists demonstrate in the streets as their opponents organize rallies and concerts under the banner "Rock Against Fascism." There is a dark mood of disillusionment and failure as more and more youths see little or no chance of excitement or purpose. Rude Boy takes a look at the times through the eyes of Ray Gange, a punk-music fan who leaves his dead-end job by landing work as a a roadie for his favorite band, the Clash. Intertwined with numerous concert performances and backstage footage from the band's 1978 tour, Rude Boy paints a true portrait of Britain's turbulent troubles with its youth of the day. 

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