'I Thought You Said Y'alls'

There were some rough patches, and competition was stiff, but the Hungry Investors have chosen. Their decision causes some confusion.

This was toughfor us, Arch.

But we did make a decision

and we didchoose to investin a Creole restaurant

here in New Orleans.

And the investment we chose to make...


- Neyow's.- ( gasps )

Thank y'all.

- Besh: Archie.- Arch...

He said Neyow's.


You have the knowledge,the confidence--

You know whatyou need to do here.

I want you to know,personally, how muchwe like you

and wanna come back and see you move forward.

Okay, well,I appreciate ally'all have done for me

and y'all just filled my brainwith a bunch of ideasand information.

I'm gonna takethat and apply itto Bistro Orleans.

I've learned some great recipes,

I've learned some management skills, some leadership skills.

I'm just gonnakeep going forwardand working hard

and applying the toolsand tasks that y'all gave meand I learned from

and use that.I'll still succeed.

All right,I'm still gonnagive you a little hug.

Yes, I want one.

Thank y'allfor everything.

And you're welcomein my kitchen anytime, brother.

- All right?- All right. Thank you.

All righty.

Saurage: I'm disappointed

but I am thankful for the whole opportunity.

It was awesome cookin'with Chef Besh yesterday.

And just the whole experience.I'll take what I've learned

and everything they taught me

and bring itto where it needs to go.We're gonna do it.

We are feelin' verynervous and anxious.

Today could be a huge change. Life-changing.

It's for our restaurant,the business,

our family, our employees.For everybody.

- Tonya: Hi.- Hello, hello.

All right.We're a little nervous.

We're here becauseour research people

told us it's a great market.

However, there weresome issues duringyour invest test.

There were some rough spots.Especially when it came down

to serving all those oysters,the high demand on the grill.

You're up againstsome really hard competition

with Archie over at Bistro Orleans.

But you sold 330 oystersin the invest test

and it showed that there wassome potential here.

My partners and Iwe deliberated a long time.

We did decide to invest in a Creole restaurant in New Orleans.

And the restaurantwe chose to invest in...


- Neyow's.- ( laughing )

- Thank y'all! Ah, man!- ( Derry laughing )

Thank you! Ah!Oh, thank you.

- You deserved it, Tonya.- Ah, thank you very much.

Oh, wow. My heartis beating so fast.