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Fishtales Trailer out Aug 24th

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Widowed Oxford Professor Thomas Bradley is about to lose his job when he gets one last chance to prove his theories about ancient love spells and heads to the magical Greek island of Spetses with his 12 year-old daughter Serena. Serena knows that what her father needs most of all is to fall in love again and tries her hand at finding him a girlfriend from the local women on the island, but they are less than impressed by the awkward and clumsy Thomas. Luckily destiny is on Serena's side and one day whilst out bathing she meets Nereid a beautiful and intelligent mermaid, who Serena knows could make the perfect wife for her Father. However, little does Serena know that menace lurks around the corner and the evil Captain Mavros, an island fisherman, is intent on killing Nereid for her priceless jeweled tail.