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Palestinian Gunmen Fire at Each Other

Posted on: June 13, 2006 | Views: 18 | Comment

Gunfire outside the CouGunfire outside the Council of Ministers building in Ramallah as Palestinians turn their ubiquitous weapons on each other. The is the office of the prime minister, although empty, and the assailants are thought to be aligned with the ousted political group Fatah. This latest violence follows an attack on a security compound in Gaza by the other side - ruling group Hamas. The tension between the two parties reflects a growing power struggle between President Mahmoud Abbas - a Fatah survivor - and the new Hamas-led government. Abbas had called for a referendum on whether to recognise Israel - while non-recognition is a cornerstone of Hamas' manifesto. The Palestinians have been increasingly isolated - and underfunded - since they elected a Hamas government. But poverty and attacks from their powerful neighbour have made the situation increasingly unstable. Courtesy of Reuters.com.  

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