Charade of Crap

  • Season 1
  • Aired 01/17/2014

Disagreements over strategy raise tension for Kirsten & Shaney, while Matt & Julie can't agree on anything either. Will either team track down Sasquatch?

What is that?

I dunno.



But it's not deer.

(Shaney)It's almost dark,

and we haven't collectedany evidence.

I'm being picky,

but Kirsten's beingeven more picky,

and it's making itvery difficult.

(Kirsten)Probably bear.

(Shaney)Well, how--

I ain't seein' many bear signs.

Looks like bear (bleep)or elk (bleep).

I don't think that lookslike elk (bleep).

I think sometimes you'regonna be too skeptical,

'cause if we come backwith nothin'...

We need to find a planand agree on it.

I've been trying to ask youwhat your plan is--

No, you haven't.Yes, I have.

Every time I come backwith something,

you override it.

And you're like, "No, no, no."

I've done everythingyou've wanted to do.

You wanted to go to low ground,you wanted to go to water,

you wanted to go to green,that's where we're at.

Everything I've asked,you've only been like,

"No. No. That's not it,I think it's this."

We need to stop doing this.

We need to find a game plan--

That's why I asked youthat earlier.

This is whyI've been mad all day.

Every time I say something,you come on top of it,

and you have to--

Like what?

Kirsten, people havedisagreements about stuff.

All right, but you're notlistening to me on anything.

Yes, Kirsten, I've doneeverything you've wanted to do!

We've got a lot to lose.

I'm ready to go insideand head kind of near the water.

I want to put upthat other trail cam.

Come on.Come, come.

Let me leadfor a little bit, Matt.

Please, and you don'thave to be such a jerk.

Ugh, we just walked this way!

I need to find a spotwhere we can set up,

stop burning daylight.

Because as soonas the sun goes down,

I don't have a shot of takinga picture of Bigfoot.

Well, I'm gonna crossthis log right here.

Unless you want to go back.

We have no time to set up.

I cannot get a picture

of anything 400 yards awaywith no light.

And is that my fault?

Julie, it took you half an hourto set up a (bleep) trail cam.

We don't have time.

I'm done.

Seriously, I'm donewith this charade of crap.