'Wow, This Looks Horrible'

  • Season 1
  • Aired 04/23/2014

Adam & Skip take a look at Kathy's incomplete kitchen, and realize that it's a complete hack job. He used exterior wood for shelving, and hasn't been seen for eight months.

- Wow, this looks horrible.- Oh, my God.

Skip: What the heck happened here?

The woodwork on this is just terrible.

The Unabomber would look at this and go,"Not in my shack."

What's going on here?Looks like he made shelvesout of CDX,

which isexterior-grade plywood

to sheathe the outside of buildings.

That's what you useto board up windows

after the Pistonswin the championship.

( all laugh )

That's the markof a hack.

- Skip: Yeah.- Unbelievable.

So, who wasyour contractor?

His nameis Randy Dabbs.

He was supposed to do a first-floor remodel.

He was supposed to dothe recessed lighting,

stain the cabinets for $8,250.

That sounds likea pretty low price.

And I paid himapproximately $8,000,

about 95%.

- Skip: Whoa, that's a lot.- Yeah.

- Oh, my God.- Cathy: The original bid was in January...

and he started doing the workabout eight months after.

- Both: Eight months?- Mm-hmm.

What could possibly bethe reason for that?

The excuses startedwith his truck.

He had to take his wifeto the train station

and then he couldn't startbecause it was his birthday

and his wifewas doing something for him.

Birthday?It's not his sweet 16.

How old is he, 50?Who cares?

If you paidyour contractora deposit

and he doesn't show upfor eight months,

probably nota good contractor.

There's no good reason

that it should've takenanywhere near that long.

Adam: The good news is the bid was so ridiculously low

that he was nevergonna come back and finishthe job.

Oh, no, wait a minute,that's bad news.

Everything's bad news.