Super Mario Bros.: McMario And The Pot Of Gold

Posted on: December 11, 2006 | Views: 113 | Comment

From 1989 - 1991, The Super Mario Brothers Super Show! series had every kid in America glued to the television to await the next animated Mushroom Kingdom escapade, while the live-action segments explore life with Brooklyn's best plumbers, Mario and Luigi.

In Episode 27 of Season 1, first aired on October 18, 1989 Koopa steals a pot of gold coins belonging to a leprechaun named Murphy. Without his pot of gold coins, Murphy is a jinx whose luck is so bad, that Shamrock Land will flood if he doesn't get his coins back. Mario and Co agree to retrieve the coins, and almost succeed, but Murphy's bad luck results in them being caught.

The Super Mario Brothers Super Show! Volume 2 released by Shout Factory is now available on DVD through Sony Music Store.  

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