Brightest Sound - Intro

Posted on: November 2, 2004 | Views: 74 | Comment

These opening credits for the film feature some pretty awesome snowboarding down sheer mountain cliffs as well as slide tricks on bannisters.

The Brightest Sound is the third snowboard video release from Warior Films. Filmed, edited, directed and produced by 16-year-old Cody Allen, this 16mm film gives you a look into the lives and riding of some of the biggest up-and-comers in snowboarding including: Mason Aguirre, Nik Batko, George Oakley, Drew Fuller, Steve Fisher, Rahm Klampert, Jake Blauve, Kelly Clark and the Burton Girls.

The Brightest Sound is packed with plenty of good old snowboard action; the DVD extras include slide shows, a director's commentary, art galleries, short films, music videos, a making-of and so much more. Sponsored by Burton Snowboards, Smith Optics, Grenade and Snowboarder Magazine.

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