The Dirtiness of Neyow's

Tanya's kitchen may be one of the dirtiest that the investors have laid eyes on, but they believe that under their guidance she has the potential to make a huge change.

I've seen you both walk out,freak out on dirty kitchens.

Nothing comes closeto the dirtiness of Neyow.

- But did they clean it up?- John, when we walk outof the kitchen

it's how we feelabout the person who ownsthat kitchen that matters.

Something aboutTonya that I like.It may be, you know,

chef to chef,woman to woman--I see potential.

And soI really wanna see--can they change?

Can you makethat drastic of aturnaround in 12 hours?

When I lookat Orleans,

I see an ownerwho can't manage,food that's marginal.

- That gumbowas horrible.- Ugh.

But what I creditArchie with is comingto a location

with the fundsthat he has, doin'the best he can.

And then it has grownby 50%.

I appreciate that becausethat's where I started.

And so what I wanna dois bring them to myrestaurant, Borgne

and show 'em howa professional kitchen's runand hopefully inspire them.

And then let's bringthe charbroiler out there

and let's test 'emon the grilled oysters.

And you wanna workwith Tonya at Neyow's?

Only if shegets that placein better shape than it was.

Let's see if we can makesome operational changes

that effect big resultsthrough the invest test.

For a little moneylet's see what we get.