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Cops O: Love Gone Bad
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Jail: Las Vegas
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411VM Volume 13, Issue 1 - What Trick Was That?

Posted on: April 28, 2005 | Views: 17 | Comment

Frontside lipslide fakie manual fakie kickflip, anyone? How about a fakie double kickflip fakie manual half-cab? Too easy? OK then try this; switchstance nose manual big spin kickflip manual. Daewon Song shows you how.

2005 marks the beginning of a new life for 411 Skateboarding with the launch of the completely redesigned 411 Video Magazine. Taking cues from the history of 411VM, the 411VM viewers, skateboarders, skateboard retailers, and skateboarding industry members, the new product marks an exciting change.

Most notably, the new 411VM packaging has undergone a dramatic physical change. No longer packaged as a traditional video, 411VM has become a multimedia product including a DVD, Free Music Sampler CD, 32-page Zine, and Poster! With the modernized format, each 411VM release will feature a "guest creative director" giving the print packaging and DVD motion graphics an individual look and feel. Prominent artist Dave Kinsey (blkmrkt.com, kinseyvisual.com) produced the visual identity of the first new411VM.

The new 411VM has also seen a significant increase in production quality. New article concepts will be introduced to give viewers more of what they have requested; quality over quantity, amazing skateboarding from the best skateboarders in the world, popular and new music, and a product guide showcasing industry leading brands.

The first issue of the new 411VM features skate parts from Daewon Song, Reese Forbes, Terell Robinson, Enrique Lorenzo, Danny Montoya, and Wieger Van Wageningen, with appearances by Andrew Reynolds, Stefan Janoski, Brandon Biebel, Kenny Reed, Cairo Foster and more! 

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