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Girl, Interrupted - Trailer

Posted on: February 19, 2007 | Views: 2,112 | Comment

Based on the autobiographical novel by Susana Kaysen, GIRL, INTERRUPTED is the story of Susana (Rider), a confused teen who attempts suicide and is promptly passed off by her uncaring parents to a mental hospital. There, she meets an assortment of characters including Georgina, her L. Frank Baum loving roommate, Daisy, a laxative junkie, and Lisa (Jolie), a charismatic sociopath. At first, Susana is almost fools herself into thinking that there's something wrong with her, as she begins to identify and bond with her new inmates. In particular, Susana is fascinated by Lisa and her totally uninhibited behavior, and the two quickly become close. Things begin to fall apart, however, when Lisa's behavior becomes more erratic and disturbing, causing a rift between the two friends and a long delayed bout of self-discovery by Susana. 

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