The Perfect Sports Menu

Chef Vic Vegas makes a simple yet delicious menu catered to sports fans. It consists of burgers, dogs, and powder puffs. No game would be complete without some ballpark themed fare.

Okay, let's do this.

So what we wanted to dowith the menu, guys,

is we wanted to incorporateobviously a sports theme.

We really wanted it to be appealing

to both men and women.

So we don't wanna alienateanyone 'cause we know

we've already done thatin the past.

What the ( bleep )?

So you guys all likeyour bar set up

the way you like it,right?

Guess what?

Now it's always going to be set up the same way.

So any time you walk behind the bar,

you know where every bottle is

so you don't have to stopand think about this.

So we're gonna startwith our first drink,the Texan Truce,

in honor of the truce between you guys.

We're usingCaptain Morgan White Rum.

So we're gonna doan ounce of that,

pomegranate syrup,pineapple juice,

and then we're goingto use fresh lemon juice.

So I present to youthe Texan Truce.

All: Aw!

Oh, my God.That tastes so good.

All right, next drink.

1.25 ounces of Crown Royal,

half an ounce of peach puree.

We're going to do three ouncesof a home-brewed sweet tea.

Shake this bad boy up.

We're gonna garnish this with a fresh sprig of mint.

And, guys, we have your Justin's Astro Tea.

Ooh, I like that one.We're gonna sell a lot of those.

Yeah, you're gonna sella lot of those.

Kevin, how you feeling,brother?

All right.

We're gonna covera lot of bases today.

First, I'm gonna show Kevin

how to cook the proper mozzarella stick.

Believe it or not,there's a little bit

of a science when it comes to a mozzarella stick.

Narrator: Mozzarella sticks are designed to be frozen

before they are fried.

Thawing a mozzarella stick and then frying it

can result in its becoming hollow.

Vic: Lesson number one learned.

All right, now, we're thinkingof going ballpark style,

maybe putting a little twist on a few classics?

You wanna feel likeyou're in a stadium.

So we got to keep it real.

We came up witha nice burger

- that we're gonna callthe "Meathead."- ( laughs )

Go ahead and throw thatdown on the grill.

Gotta have an onion ringon a burger.

And I'm gonna take someof these grilled poblanos,

and, there it is-- the meathead.

That's one of the bestburgers I've ever had.

Vic:This is gonna beone of your signature

edible desserts--two biscuits.

I'm gonna fry those up.

Looks like they'returning into doughnuts.

I'm gonna create a bedof cotton candy.

We're gonna throw someof these bad boys down,

a little powdered sugar,and here we are, powder puffs.

This alone might getsomeone to come backand visit you again.

- That will.- That will.

It ties backto sports food.

- Starting to come together?- Very much so.