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Loco Roco - LocoRoco - GameTrailers Gameplay

Posted on: August 8, 2006 | Views: 17 | Comment

Titled LocoRoco, this 2D game reminded me a lot of the better Flash animation games out there, like the YetiSports series for example. It's simple, both in visuals and in play, but the simplicity is elegance, with unfolding joys at every turn.

Essentially, you are a ball of goo balls, rolling around a colorful world of flowers and bees. The game is controlled almost entirely with the top trigger buttons. You can press one button to tilt the game world this way or that (only to about a 30 degree angle in the demo, although we're not sure if maybe later levels take off the governor.) By pressing both together, the goo ball launches into the air. There is also a feature on the circle button that allows you to break up into four goo balls instead of just one, and since you are only semi-liquid as a goo ball, this allows you to slip through narrow cracks and potentially solve puzzles that one ball could not.

Video preview by GameTrailers.com 

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