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Wasteland Warriors - Fabtech Special

Posted on: June 28, 2005 | Views: 21 | Comment

A spine-crunching, shock-stressing look at truck racing.

Who's down with the O.G.'s of moto-x? Crusty Demons of Dirt? Fleshgear? Yeah, you know it, we're talkin' Fleshwound Films? You know they are the baddest muthas in the moto-x film world and we're lucky enough to get some new flicks in the mix courtesy of their extended family/posse, Desert Syndicate Productions!

Wasteland Warriors is the latest flick coming out of this camp and earned an "XTremey" award nomination for Best Off-Road Video. With a touch of moto-x (ill segment feat. Seth Enslow) and an incredible look at the off-road scene, they have produced a film documenting the insanity of going 100+mph, launching 150 feet with dust in the nose, sand in the eyes, and blind landings that will most definitely give you a close look into the off-road scene by a crew that was born out of harsh environments like Baja, Glamis, and the Mojave desert. Check out the trailer and vote now to help Desert Syndicate win the XTremmy.

Go toxtremmy.comto cast your direct ballot and/or check out www.desertsyndicateproductions.com 

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