Maria Menounos Is 'All In'

TV personality Maria Menounos and her fiance Kevin Undergaro run recon for Taffer during this very special surveillance mission.

So I got great reconfor tonight.

- ( laughs )- I'm so excited.

Jon: I brought in Maria Menounos and Keven Undergaro.

Narrator: Maria Menounos is a well-known film and television star

who cohosts the popular show, "Extra."

Maria's fiancé, Keven Undergaro,

a new media producer, is also a restaurant industry veteran.

Together, Keven and Maria cocreated

the entertainment-oriented podcast network AfterBuzz TV.

I want this to bethe most successfulrecon mission ever.

We can speakin Boston accents.

( Boston accent )You know, I really would likea wicked big plate of nachos

and somebuffalo fingers, please.

- Okay.- ( laughs )

I have three yearsin the bar business

and I have 10 yearsin the food serviceindustry.

We're big fansof "Bar Rescue,"big fans of Jon Taffer's,

and when he askedus to come do this,we jumped at the chance.

- We're all in.- Yeah, we're-- we're all in.

All in.

- Man: Yeah, I know.- Oh, I'm all in.

All in!

If this guy says "all in"one more time,

I'm gonna put my fistall in his -- mouth.

- We're all in.- Can you tell we're fansof the show?

Narrator: Keven and Maria enter Scoreboard,

a 4,000-square-foot space with a single bar

featuring two service stations

and a lone kitchen in the corner.

( Boston accent )Is someone sitting here?

Narrator: In addition to the cameras following the Scoreboard staff,

surveillance cameras have been placed around the bar

to capture Keven and Maria's recon.

They're waiting a whilefor any attention fromthe bartender.

Okay, so now we'reat one minute--they have no drink.

But they're getting the bar wiped down. That's a good thing.

Mia: Mm-hmm.

Jon: Look at them staring at him and nothing is happening.

- He coulda said hello, asked them what they're having.- Mia: Yeah.

Even if you have a busy bar,you should always acknowledgethe guest.

- What can I get you guys?- I'll have a strawberrymargarita.

- Strawberry margarita.- Whiskey cola.

He made the wrong drink.That's not what she asked for.

This is supposed to bea strawberry margarita.

Oh, --. My bad.One second.

I've already made, like, five margaritas today,

- so it's in my head.- Oh, yeah.

"I've already made fivemargaritas" is not an excuse

as to why you don'tgive your guest whatthey asked for.

Jon: He pours it in with the ice in the stem glass.

And topped it with soda.What was that?

And what comeson the Sand Bluff?


- ( laughs ) Oh, Robert.- What?

Oh, thank you.We'll order the Sand Bluff.

I'm gonna getthe chili cheese fries, too.

Jon: Look at him puckering up.

It tasted likedirty dish soap.

How's yours?

( coughs )

Jon: So they're gonna microwave the chili.

- Did you see that?- Yep.

Oh, thanks. Can weget a couple of drafts?

Thank you.The cheese isn't melted.

The French friesare soggy.

Thank you.

We still have the samplercoming out, right?

- What's the ticket timeon this? It's been a while.- Eight minutes.

- I think I forgotto put that in.- Oh, no.

- He forgot to puttheir order in.- He forgot to put it in.

Mia: If they are responsible for leaving the bar to cook the food,

then who is taking careof the bar guests?

( sizzling )

Where'sall my bartenders?

This lovely gentlemanneeds some beers.

All right.

We're now at 11 minuteson that platter.

And normally a potato skin would be fried so it's crisp and then topped off.

Mia: Mm-hmm.

- So, I'm guessing thisis gonna be very soggy.- Soggy.

Jon: Look at those wings.

- They're not crisp. You can see it.- Mia: Mm-hmm.

Um, the potatoes are raw.

- Keven: Yeah?- Maria: Yeah.

- God, it's raw.- Yeah, it's raw.

- It's raw.- Oh, that's gross.

Don't eat that, Keven.Don't eat that.

I can't let this go on.I'm going in.