How The Real Boys Do It

  • Season 1
  • Aired 01/13/2014

Stacy & Dave hit the deer trails in a photography challenge, but tensions run high when they encounter Matt & Julie. Who's really game?

This little rough here.

This is urination.

(Stacy)We're very comfortabletaking photos in the wild.

Me and my dad were ableto successfully film a

Bigfoot in Florida.

You know,a lot of people are saying

it's the best footage sincethe Patterson-Gimlin film,

which is the most famousBigfoot footage.

You know, it took us yearsof research

and hunting these creaturesto get that close,

so it's really no easy task.

This is where, uh,

a male deerhas marked his scent.

We need to get a game cameraaround here.

And you wantto put it up high too

incase we do happento get a Bigfoot.

Deer is a natural food sourcefor Sasquatch,

so he would be keen

to the same trailsthat the deer are using.

This is, uh,Bigfoot's backyard too.

We've gotsome natural deer urine.

We're just tryingto mask our scent.

Ugh, (bleep),it stinks like hell.


Show these (bleep)that go to Walmart

and buy the camo

and call themselves hunterswhat's up.

This is how real boys do it.

When you're trackinga predator like Bigfoot,

any noise is gonna run it off,

so you haveto be extremely quite

and extremely stealthy.

(Julie)I'm meditating

and sending out good vibesabout this apple.

It's got a special scent.

(Stacy)So we're followinga game trail,

you know, being real quiet,

and all of a suddenwe hear Matt and Julie.

(Julie)I like it.

I think we're golden.

(Matthew)Did you dump outall of the corn?

No, I haven't evendone anything with corn yet.

(Stacy)You hear themrunning their mouths,

scaring everythingin the woods away.

You almost done?

Where do you wantthe salt block?

Doesn't make a difference.

(whispering)This is the problem,

why you can't huntwith dumbasses in the woods.

They talk too goddamn much.