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JFK - Trailer

Posted on: January 28, 2008 | Views: 430 | Comment

The inadequacy of the Warren Commission's findings on the assassination of John F. Kennedy, since their release, have led to numerous critics to offer alternative theories. In his most controversial film, Oliver Stone demolishes the commission's work and gives celluloid life to some of these theories, focusing particularly on the suit brought against Clay Shaw and others by New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison. Kevin Costner stars as the attorney who, doubtful about the Warren Commission, begins to investigate local links to the assassination, including Shaw (Tommy Lee Jones), David Ferrie (Joe Pesci), Guy Bannister (Ed Asner), Perry Russo (Kevin Bacon), and Lee Harvey Oswald (Gary Oldman). When the accounts of Ferrie, Russo, and others almost invariably diverge from the FBI versions of events, Garrison begins to suspect a cover-up. Widening his net, he interviews many of the original assassination witnesses and again finds little that coincides with the government's record. Combining interviews with an analysis of the physical evidence, Garrison's team posits the existence of a conspiracy to kill the president. A mysterious Col. X (Donald Sutherland) implies the orchestration of the conspiracy at the highest levels of government, and Garrison is ready to go to trial. Stone deploys video, different film stocks shot at varying speeds, and a dizzying style of montage while harnessing the talents of a large and extraordinary cast to create a film of undeniable power and excitement. 

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