I'm All In On This

  • Season 1
  • Aired 01/24/2014

As the hunters take on Brooks Memorial State Park in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State, the teams take on differing strategies for bringing in the beast.

Hunters, welcometo Brooks Memorial State Park.

This remote woodlandis 700 acres

of golden meadowsand pine forest.

There have been22 Bigfoot sightings

right here in the Yakima Valley.

Teams, you are searchingfor DNA and visual evidence

that proves the existenceof Bigfoot.

(Natalia)We already know

that bear, elk, and coyotescall this habitat home.

But what we don't know is,

does Bigfootcall this forest home?

(Dean Cain)You will have

the rest of the night to hunt.

So, hunters,

get out thereand find Bigfoot.

(Ro)Well, where's everyone going?

Our first plan is to see whereall the other hunters are going.

We're delaying our start

so that we can get an areato ourselves.

(Justin)Two teams went that way.

Did you see which way Michaeland Kat disappeared to?

(Ro)They're paralleling the road.

(Dave L.)Hey, you need a boost up?

I'm gonna scale this pine tree

so I can see anything that'scoming in for a ways.

Oh, bro, I got a killer view.

Comfortably, I can saythat I've hunted Bigfoot

in the last year

more than anybody elsein the country.

Quit my rock band,sold my truck,

cashed my 401k.

I'm all in on this,so now I just gotta get proof.

I wonder if Bigfoot realizes

how (bleep) he isif I run into him.