Blow-Up Dolls Are Bad For Business

This owner makes Jon Taffer's countdown because he looks the other at his bartender's drinking and their behavior.

The owner of the next baron my list

was blind to everything about his business.

His bartenders stole from him...

Jon: How much drinking have you done tonight?

A bottle of champagne.

Jon: ...and he let a blow-up doll have free reign of his bar.

This is about as moronicas you could possibly be.

But the thingArtie most overlooked

was right under his nose all along.

Guys, that'syour drain.

- ( everyone groaning )- Ugh!

Jon: Which is why the Alibi in Las Vegas

takes the number eight spot on my countdown

of the most disgusting bars I've ever rescued.

There's just tons of beerssitting in exposed ice.

- How oftenare you cleaning it?- ( all laughing )

Do you know what couldactually be on the insideof these coolers?


I'm gettin' hot water readyso we can burn the icein the coolers.

Here we go!

( gagging, coughing )

Oh, my God!

I just wanna throw up.

( chuckling )Oh, my God.

There's no hand-sanitizer.If I had a bottle of it,

I'd just be washing myself with it right now.

I've never seenanything like that.

Anybody gota face mask?

How'd you likesome of that in your cocktail?