Contractor Johnny Faces The Music

  • Season 1
  • Aired 04/13/2014

Adam & Skip confront Johnny about his terrible work in the Scott residence. They present him with three options: give the money back, get back to work, or go to court. Which will he choose?

e peop- leYo.u di

d a bathroom for them?- I was working on a bathroomfor them, yeah.

But you stillhaven't told mewhat the hell's going on.

I'm Adam, that's Skip.We're doing a show

about guys like youwho do horrible work.

Skip: Recognize this mess?

I mean, what do you guyswanna know?

I wanna know whythey're six months downthe road and they still got

their family takinga shower in a bathtubwith plastic.

Horrible,dangerous electric work.

A shampoo covethat wouldn't holdBarbie's shampoo.

I did this to helpthem out.

How is this helpingthem out?

- I mean...- I understand this.

...still no shower.You got open electricby water.

- I didn'tleave them like that.- You didn't do this?

- No, I did not.- No, you certainlydidn't do it all.

Well, it says here that you did.You charged them money for it.

Here's your contract.Here's the cancelled check.

Says Johnny Lopezright there, doesn't it?

- Am I seeing things?- No, that's my name.

So, let's go by the Lopez house.Lopez kids taking a shower

in a -- shower that lookslike that, with electricalwiring hanging out in it?

- Leave my family outta this.- I'm not gonna leaveyour family out of it

because you didn'tleave their familyout of it.

You put their kidsin a situations wherethey're taking a shower

and electric two feetaway from them.

What kind ofhalf-ass -- is that?

- I didn't do this.Laughton did that.- ( gasps )

- Laughton did that?- Laughton did that.

You a mother -- liar.I ain't never done no bathroom.

So the homeownerset up a firetrapin his own bathroom?

I took it downand he plugged inthe light over here.

- That's a lie, mother --.- Nobody has been touchingthat.

There's no way Laughtondid this.

This is the workof an insane contractor,

not a family man.

You didn't even havethe decency to clean upthis pile of --

on the front porchof their house.

- It's still there.- Well, Laughtonput it there.

I wanna whup his ass.

Skip:Okay, so Laughtondid the electric.

Laughton put upthe board, right?

Laughton put the --back on his front porch, man.

What actually did theypay you for, then?

'Cause it sounds likehe did the whole job.

I did tell her on numeroustimes I was gonna giveher back the money.

- Lyin' mother -- wouldn't have.- When? When?

So, where's the money?I don't get whatthe argument is.

I mean,I just haven't had it.I've had a lot of events,

- I just haven't had the money.- Skip: That's not their problem.

Johnny,it's been six months.

It's been a while.

I'm telling you,I go out there,he ain't coming back.

I'm gonna giveyou my word.

When I walk into someone'shouse to do their bathroom,

they look at me like thisbecause they heard

a horror story aboutsome guy down the block

that -- somebody overwith their bathroom.

They look at me like,"Do you know what you're doing?"Because of you.

Because of everybodyout there that doesn't knowwhat they're doing.

You got three options.

You can givethe money back.

I don't thinkyou're gonna do that.

You can come back with us,we'll supervise you,

and we'll dothe job correctly.

Or we're gonnasee you in court.