Thrift Hunters: One Size Fits All

Posted on: February 8, 2014 | Views: 24,316 | Comment

The duo takes advantage of the Half Off sale at a local thrift shop where Jason finds that one size fits all, even for himself.

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Thrift Hunters Videos

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Dr. Laura (1:31)

Bryan calls upon Dr. Laura Henkel who lets him know the true value of his find and makes an offer of her own.

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Retro Sales (1:45)

From old Metallica CDs to vintage Hot Wheels, Jason and Bryan are pleased with their Pittsburgh sales.

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Goin' Retro (2:43)

Jason and Bryan check out some retro goodies at Retro On 8th.

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Garage Sale Warehouse (1:23)

The guys pay a visit to The Garage Sale Warehouse, where they find plenty of solid performers.

Posted 0 minutes ago Views: 1,249

S.M.U.T. (1:58)

The guys head to SMUT, or So Many Unique Treasures, where the name holds true.

Posted 0 minutes ago Views: 957

Shrunken Heads (1:46)

Jason and Bryan stumble upon some strange items, including a freaky head tattoo display.

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Goodwill Outlet Store (1:23)

It's like a thrift store threw up fresh merchandise and the guys are ready to dig deep.

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Dr. Dale The Steampunk (1:17)

Jason invites over his pal Dr. Dale, the steampunk expert, to appraise some of his found goods.

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Pittsburgh Garage Sales (1:45)

While rolling through Pittsburgh the guys spot a neighborhood lined with garage sales.

Posted December 13, 2014 Views: 1,490

Antique Mall of Ohio River (2:03)

The guys visit the famous Pittsburgh barn-looking thrift shop and antique store.

Posted December 13, 2014 Views: 1,375