Saving Pizzalino's

The owners of Pizzalino's don't let a rough patch bring them down. With the help of the investors, they may be able to turn their business around.

Picked up the dough, started doing tricks.

I'm on the top.I'm a world champion.

I'm a pizzaiolo. That's a true, Italian pizza man.

Giacomo: My parents, they did a great thing for me and my brother--

to get a mortgagefor their house to buythis building.

PizzaLinos is runby my family.

I'm the owner and a worker at the same time.

My name is Giacomoand I'm the manager.

My parents, they're hereworking every single day.

My parents retiredalready and they're justhelping us out,

but they're workinga lot harder than us.

We're still paying off$440,000 on the mortgage.

We owe so much, you know,I mean, it's sad.

The business is struggling.We got to make a decision.

Either sellor move somewhere else.

- Taffer: Wonderful to seea nice, family business here.- Derry: Family.

- How did the restaurant start?- It started seven years ago.

Bought the building,mortgaged the house.

And how'sthe business doing?

Business is notdoing too good.

How much you doing a yearin sales?

About $72,000 a year.

- A year?- A year.

- 72,000?- ( gasps )

- Besh: How do youstay in business?- We don't get paid.

Not making any money?

And losing your retirement in the process.

It's the reason whyI got another job.

That's 12-14 pizzas a day.

We got to turn this business

into $3-$4-$500,000 a year to be successful.

Do you worry that thisis all going to be lost?

- Yeah.- Every day.

Joe: It's going to break my heart for my mother to lose her house.

It's tough.You know, I work all day.

Like I said,it's me and my mom.

It's rough.All 14 pizzas, man.That's brutal.

- All right.- You got to getoff your ass.