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Somewhere Anywhere Everywhere - Eriatarka-- Damien Hobgood's Part

Posted on: February 22, 2008 | Views: 85 | Comment

2004 will see the long awaited production of Globe's first surf movie. This movie showcases never before seen footage of the surfing, lifestyle and characters of the sport's most influential personalities.

Somewhere Anywhere Everywhere features an elite group of the highest profile surf athletes today and lends deep insight into their world. From the glamour of the world tour, to the dreamy boat trips in the South Pacific, to winning the World Championship, this movie explores the current state of surfing, in the most high performance environment the sport has ever seen. The title speaks to the unforgiving drive that surfers have, with particular reference to the surfers on the Globe team.

Somewhere all eyes are on CJ Hobgood. Anywhere Taj Burrow goes he is the most radical surfer. Everywhere the Globe surf team travels to, there is a unique story to be told.

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