'Who Cooks Food Here?'

Jon Taffer isolates the problems at Scoreboard and plans a new Latin theme for the bar. Intense training follows.

- So, who cooks food here?- Everybody.

I'm a bartender here.I cook...

handyman if there'ssomething broken.I do everything.

- What do you do here, Corey?- I do security, but I do haverestaurant experience.

I need somebody in the kitchento help me train this week...

- Right.- ...who looks at this as astepping-stone to get ahead.

I'm in.I want to know everything.

Excellent.What's your name,by the way?

- Anthony.- How long have you been here?

Going ona week and a half.

- Oh, so you're pretty new.- Yeah, I'm...

Okay, Marisa, how longhave you worked here?

Uh, today is my third day.

Your third day?How is it to workwith Michelle?

Did she train you in anything?

No, he pretty muchtrained me.

I've got a majorissue here, Michelle.

I can't rescue a barand have you sit inthe office all day.

So, I wanted to dosome training today.

I've got two expertshere to work with me...

- Hi, Jon.- ...Mia Mastroianniand Anthony Lamas.

Narrator: For the kitchen, Jon has brought in

Chef Anthony Lamas, a successful restaurateur

and owner of Seviche in Louisville, Kentucky.

Chef Anthony's flair for Latin cuisine

will help target the young upscale Latino market.

Anthony is a Latinculinary expert.

This marketis 68% Hispanic.

This population has a powerful impact on Southern California,

the foods we all eat.

I want to dosomething special with them.

- Let's go to it.- Yeah, let's go to it.

Let's talk aboutthe potato skins.

We had a problemwith those last night, right?Skins, right?

We're gonna drop 'emright in the fryer.

What I'm gonna do isI'm gonna put this other basket

right on itjust to hold those down

'cause what happens is those will start to float up.

This way, you're gonnaget an even cooking.

I can see my colors.See how we're gettinga golden brown?

- Yeah.- And you can tellit's cracking, look.

- ( cracking )- Hear that?

- Yeah.- Beautiful, crispy.

We'll plate this up.Michelle, you canstart helping me.

I'm not very good at it.

- Corey, you wantto give it a try?- I'm ready to go.

Anthony L.: Corey wants to learn.

Unfortunately, Michellewas a little more hesitant,

but sometimes you learn by failing.