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Remotely Insane

Posted on: August 29, 2003 | Views: 26 | Comment

When you hear the word trash, does the name Roobie Breastnut come to mind? Well if it does, then we're on the right track! Only in this film, Roob proves that talent needs to be learned on a crash gig diet! As Roob falls in lust with the lead singer (Evan) from, "Remotely Insane" Roob is then kicked out of the club for her regular crap stunts. After the final kick in the ass, Roob awaits outside the Hot Lava Lounge for her lust bucket Romeo Evan, so she can personally give him the ultimate gift... An IUD!!! (The expression on this guys face when he pulls this thing out of the gift bag is totally hilarious!)***This film deserves the 2003 IFILM Turkey Award for sure!!!! (Sorry IFILM, I hope your severance pay increases monthly?) 

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